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about me

I learned the Running-Man watching the Black girls in my grade-school sock hop; I picked up break-dancing from a White kid in Maine. I dance to keep the peace, to tame a burning within, to inhale love, to exhale crap, and hopefully to exist more honestly.

I cried tears — real tears!– once perched on my bicycle, watching the Alvin Ailey II dancers in Prospect Park. It hurt that much to watch them because I was in graduate school and hadn’t danced for over a year. I felt their movement kinetically inside my core — a moment of suspension before a lunge, the spring and landing of a tour jete. But, it felt like electricity flowing to a dead wire, fits and starts of phantom limbs. That had to change.

I’m a writer, too. Thanks to all that time in grad school glued to my computer or lugging around heavy, expensive equipment, I also shoot, record, edit and package multimedia stories. I’ve penned p/reviews to Flavorpill’s performing arts section in New York City, and I’ll be contributing blogs to

Jazz. Ballet. African. Afro-Caribbean. Modern. Hip Hop. Breakdancing. House. Capoeira. Bhangra. Samba. Limon. As varied as my phases and musical taste, I’ve tried and loved (almost) everything. Simply put, polyrhythms drive me bananas. I can’t stay still around them!

These days, it’s the clave and the congos of Salsa/Mambo and the palmas and taconeos of Flamenco that keep me thirsty for more.

I look forward to your thoughts and suggestions found inside those nice, rectangular comment boxes!



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