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about this blog

danceabout is a blog about my journey to make dance a consistent part of my life. Of what little I claim to know, two things are sure: I love to write and I love to dance. This is an attempt to marry the two, and to evolve both a steady writing and dance practice.

This blog is about being “too old” to dance professionally — so they say– but not giving a hoot and trying anyway. Prima ballerinas reach the height of the career at 25. I’m almost 30, haven’t donned toe-shoes in oh, 15 years — and I don’t plan on it either.

But, heels with claves (nails in Spanish) — that’s another story.


This blog is about loving dance in its many forms, incarnations and dance as a discussion. It’s a place for reviews on performances, classes and instructors. And where to expect musing on topics tangential to dance like health, music, movement, physicality, the mind and body connection. Expect links galore.

What does danceabout mean?

A walkabout is a spiritual journey that serves as a rite-of-passage from adolescence to adulthood in Aboriginal culture. danceabout is meant to document a journey. If I told you that it has nothing to do with crossing my own thresholds, or feeding my spirit, I’d be lying.


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